Friday, May 15, 2009

Pictures to take you through 4-1/2 months

Still loves the swing

And napping on Daddy's chest

Tate had his first plane ride to visit his two great grandpas in Wisconsin. He was a champ traveler and picked up a lot of new fans along the way.

Carrie (mommy's cousin) wore me out

I did this all by myself, maybe I was born to be a prayer warrior, or maybe Evan is just rubbing off on me :).

Talking is hard work!

I liked it when Tonya (mommy's cousin) held me. I got lots of snuggles on this trip.

Great Grandpa Mac was good at making me smile

It was fun at Great Aunt Sue and Great Uncle Art's house

Great Grandpa Art was happy to meet me too.

And, no trip is complete without practicing our sitting skills

And our leaning skills too :)

Looking cute is the easy part

And finally, Tate and his cousin Sam. I think they will be very good friends - what do you think?